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HU, the Secret Name of GOD

Opens you as a channel of Divine Spirit

Sound of Soul Event

Meeting ID: 82136031595; Passcode: 069841
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The Sound of Soul Events offer you the opportunity to chant HU, an ancient name for God, and engage in spiritual conversation. Meet others of like heart who share a desire to explore their own connection with God. At the event there will be a 20 minutes HU Chant followed by spiritual conversation.

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Sound of Soul Event


Sound of Soul – in Corio

Rosewall Community Centre
36 Sharland Road, Corio

What Is a Sound of Soul Event? This is a new way of sharing the HU, a gift of the heart to the world—from your heart to the people in your life and community. HU is an ancient name for God. It has been used for thousands of years as a prayer and sacred chant to attune oneself to the presence of God. We will share a brief introduction the HU, the Sound of Soul, as well as an inspirational quote, before you are invited to join in and sing […]

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