Advanced Spiritual Living Courses

Go higher, further, deeper
with your spiritual exploration

ECK membership brings many unique benefits and a focus on the ECK discourses.
These are dynamic, spiritual courses you study at home, one per month.

The first year of study brings The Easy Way Discourses by Harold Klemp, with
uplifting spiritual exercises, audio excerpts from his seminar talks, and activities to personalise your spiritual journey. Classes are available in many areas.

Each year you choose to continue with ECK membership can bring new levels of spiritual freedom, inner strength to meet the challenges of life, and direct experience with the love and power of God.

Here’s a sampling of titles from The Easy Way Discourses:

  • In Soul You Are Free
  • Reincarnation – Why You Came to Earth Again
  • The Master Principle
  • The God Worlds – Where No One Has Gone Before?



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  • The many benefits of membership; or
  • How to visit an Easy Way class near you; or
  • How to join in your local area; and/or
  • How to receive your advanced spiritual-study discourses, along with other annual membership benefits

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